Bio. Trained in 3D animation and comics illustration, I worked as a freelance artist, trying out a range of practices from digital art, animation, murals, to comics and tattoos, before returning to academic research. I am currently a University lecturer and researcher, theorising digital media and inclusive creative practice, while as a practicing artist, I mostly focus on painting. Skye Waters is my artist & exhibition name.

Phone number upon request

Visual artist based in Brighton, UK

Experimenting with dynamic and expressive brushstrokes, my recent painting practice focuses on the unexpected, the hidden and the unspoken. I am interested in faces and figures, in finding juxtaposition and narrative.

Portrait Commissions

For a portrait commission I would ideally meet for a short sketch session and for taking reference photos (approx. 1 hour). Under isolation conditions I am happy to work with photos only, and a video meeting. The portrait painting will take about 2-3 weeks. Pricing is according to size and style, but an indicative price for an oil painting 30x30cm is £500.


Oil painting



Mixed media

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